Technology Development and Commercialization Projects

Barabara Bell – Innovation Support Specialist – FPInnovations – Canada

Alex has acted as a mentor to a large project involving organization-wide process analysis and revamping. She grasped the context and nature of our complex situation quickly and then provided us with excellent guidence, tips and tools which have saved us significant time and resources. Alex is a pleasure to work with and brings a high level of professionalism.

Kerry Starling – Procurement Lead – Rotorua District Council

Alex is meticulous in her planning and organisation and can be relied upon to deliver the desired results, regardless of the project. She is extremely personable and has a great ability to motivate and encourage others to deliver in respect of project objectives.

Daniel Gapes – Research Leader – Scion – New Zealand

Alex Chambers worked for six years as project manager on a the TERAX™ project, a significant technology development at Scion, a New Zealand government owned research and development organisation. Her role was both important and varied, involving relationship management of both client and funder (as separate entities), internal technical project management, reporting management and quality maintenance of deliverables to the programme funder. In a project with strict deliverable expectations, Alex always performed her role with a high level of professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm. Her work was a key contribution to the overall success of the project, targeting technology commercialisation into the waste management sector. I enjoyed working with Alex as technical lead for this project. Her passion for the work provided its own momentum, and I have no hesitation in endorsing her as a skilled project manager.

Peter Dine – Works Manager –  Rotorua District Council

Alex has provided project management services to Rotorua District Council as a client for the development and implementation of a new technology for the treatment of bio-solids waste from our Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Alex has always provided services to the highest standard, within the required time frames and with the attention to detail that the project required. She could be relied upon at all times to respond to any demands, and Alex played a major role in achieving successful project outcomes.

Nelson Meha – Contracts Manager –  Scion

Alex trained and guided me through the contracts management process. Alex was a key member of the team that helped to plan, design and implement the internal contracts system (known as Quik Trak) we use at Scion.

Quik Trak is used to capture and store all information and communications, pertaining to a particular contract in one place. This system made it easier for staff to access contract details as well as identifying where things were at, in the process. Not only did Alex provide me with day-to-day training, she was able to clearly explain how my role contributed to Scion’s overall strategy.
Alex always maintained a high level of attention to detail and is an extremely efficient planner. In her role as Project Delivery Manager at Scion, Alex would continuously follow up with clients to ensure contracts were executed in a timely manner. Alex is an extremely reliable person who you could always count on to get the job done. It has been my pleasure to work alongside Alex. Alex is a true professional, who prides herself on going that extra mile for clients. She has a ‘bubbly’ personality, but also operates with high integrity.

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