Project Management

Certified in Project Management, Brytbiz Solutions Ltd can help from your project concept to project completion and delivery.

Brytbiz Solutions Ltd offers many levels of expertise in project management, from simple assistance to full process implementation.

Brytbiz Solutions Ltd project management services include:Project Management Process

  • Customized project management solutions and tools
  • Targeted project delivery improvements
  • Project management consulting
  • Education and training on running a successful project
  • Project management office development
  • Coaching/mentoring/advisory approaches

With over 20+ years’ project management experience and a proven track record, Brytbiz Solutions Ltd offers a dedicated service that the big consulting companies may lose sight of. Fully certified, you can be assured you are getting internationally proven and adopted methodologies and tools.

Project management is not just about construction and engineering. You may need help if the following statements and questions look familiar or resonate with you?

Why do we need project management, it is an extra cost…isn’t it?

Having trouble delivering your projects or product development on time and to budget?

  • Your projects exceed budget or are run at a loss (or you don’t really know if they do?)
  • You have staff working across multiple locations on multiple projects here in Canada
  • Are your customers losing confidence with the timeliness of your delivery?
  • How do we manage the risk, are we asking the right questions?
  • Knowing when to turn off a project – not all projects need to finish.

Are you ready to improve your organizations reputation in delivering successful outcomes, absolutely you are or you wouldn’t be reviewing your project management options.

To talk to Brytbiz Solutions Ltd about a free consultation to discuss your business improvement needs contact us now.

Other areas of service that Brytbiz Solutions Ltd offers are:

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